Photo's: For Love We Live

Ben & Mantre

I am a strong believer in "be carefull what you wish for".. This beautyful bride said during hair and makeup, a big wish for this day was rain. And it did, oh boy it did! At exactly the right moment the sky bursted open, power went down... and it became a big, magical  party.

Some math: 300 persons x weddingcake = 35 kilos in 5 layers

5 layers of weddingcake on a cake stand x 300 people  dancing on a wooden tent floor to Persian music = a wobbly cake.

What a wonderful wedding! A big shoutout to all my top-suppliers for delivering a excellent job. A hugh thank you to Ben and Mantre, for being one of my dreamcouples. Working with you and your families was so much fun!

Their wedding was the perfect reflection of their combined families and backgrounds. They covered it with their love, their hospitality and their authentic style. Their wedding was huge, but we made sure it was theirs! It was something no one had experienced before. Nor will they ever forget.

A Dutch-Persian- American- Jewish wedding, where everyone would be comfortable and feel more than welcome.

For the non-european guests and the nearest family, there was also a rehearsal/ welcome dinner, and a goodbye lunch. On this blog only photo's of the wedding day.

Venue: Slot Zeist (near Utrecht). The venue needed to expand to their beautyful garden.

The original plan: 120 guests. Reality brought so much more happiness to the castle: 300 guests celebrated this love story.

In this wedding, the couple nurtured their seperate traditions and religions. They used those elements that resonates most with their outlook on life and love. The ceremony with the Chuppah and the Sofreh Aghd, became one of a kind! Carried by the kind voices of family and beautyful Persian music & Yiddish songs.