The boutique weddingplanner in the Netherlands

For all (partial) non-dutch couples who want to have their wedding in the Netherlands, I offer these weddingplanners services. I am a full service boutique weddingplanner, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Imagine celebrating your love by taking a boat trip along the picturesque Amsterdam canals, exchanging your vows in a beautiful 16th century chapel or having quaint Dutch streets as the backdrop to your wedding photos. 

I will help you through the process of planning; making it feel like a breeze. Let’s involve your guests into this once in a lifetime event. Often spread over multiple days, we will create hugh highlights and plenty of moments to merge with your guests.

Fusion weddings

I love mixed weddings! Where we are able to show the way 2 cultures blend together perfectly. We find the balance in music, food and traditions, in a way that reflects your life and love. You can celebrate where you come from, and show your own identity. Choose what you want inject into your personal wedding. 

Expat weddings

Show your guests why you love living in the Netherlands. Invite them over for this special occasion. Your wedding in Holland! Lets make it your own, and give it some extra Dutch charm. I will hook you up with the best venues and suppliers. Together we make sure your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

Feeling overwhelmed by organizing your expat wedding?  You sure can benefit from having a weddingplanner to help you navigate through this process. Here is how I do this!

Destination weddings

Your Destination wedding in Europe! Let me show you our unique combination of free spirits and elegant heritage. I’ll find you with the best vendors and deliver the most romantic experience ever. Full service weddingplanning abroad with excellent guestsmanagement. We will ensure a hospitable environment, within a romantic setting. Italy, France, Spain, Norway or your own perfect spot in the world. Tell me your dreams, we will make it real!

Elopements in Europe

Have your elopement in Amsterdam, Paris or Rome. Just the two of you. Beyond your most romantic imaginations! Intimate and special. The celebration of love that truly revolves around the two of you. Vows spoken at the most epic places and all the time in the world for pictures. I’ll take you there!


Coming to Europe with a ring burning in your pocket? I can help you to put the perfect proposal together, without him or her knowing. We will write the script together and I will scout the perfect location and vendors. I love a good secret!

All my dutch weddingplanner services include:

  • A lot of personal contact
  • Full service weddingplanning
  • Venue and vendor search and coördination
  • Creating the script
  • pro active planning role
  • Day-off coördination
  • Guest management

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Philip van Nostrand



Get the best help you can imagine for this once in a lifetime event! After our first (online) meeting, I will give you a tailormade proposal. The proposal depends on the choices you make for your wedding (for example; number of guests, number of days, number of venues and vendors). I work with an hourly rate of €95,- (including VAT).

Feel free to contact me, I would love to hear your story! Just get in touch, using my contact form to start planning your seamless Dutch wedding experience!

About me

Hi, I’m Margreet (Margareth in English, Margharita in Italian ;-)). I am a Dutch Professional Weddingplanner with a craving for creating impact on weddings! Im a mother of 3, and can’t choose between the city vibe and the wonder of nature. I am experienced in working with couples living abroad, and love it when our connection is as strong as you were my next door neighbour.