Why expat-weddings in the Netherlands could benefit from a Dutch Weddingplanner.


Expats who are getting married in Holland, face a couple of challenges on this awesome journey. What to expect?  But first, let´s start with the why you should go for a Dutch Wedding!

  1. This is where your love and your live is right now. Your happy place. The place you want to share with family and friends from back home, friends from around the world and maybe even dutch people you can’t miss anymore 😉.
  2. You want to create a memorable event for you and your guests. Having the wedding in the Netherlands, in this authentic decor, bringing your favorite people together (mostly fort he first time!), is such an special experience!
  3. It is so easy to create a fusion wedding on these neutral grounds. You can insert different influences from your own traditions and food, to create the wedding that reflects you as a couple.
  4. Make use of Hollands great weddingvenues, the high quality of suppliers, and the freedom to make it your own!


Now, let’s get of this pink cloud, and have a look at what you will be getting yourself into..;-)

* The weddingindustry is a huge market, also in Holland. There is so much to choose from. For natives it is a struggle to find the right venue and suppliers. For expat- couples it is even harder to get to know the possibilities, prices and quality.

* While most suppliers and venues can communicate in English in general, getting into details is a lot harder. Especially when it comes down to your expectations, and the dutch being used to do things in a certain way. It takes more time, patience and listening to understand each other.

* Most venues will ask you who your “ceremoniemeester” is. Translated that would be the Master of Ceremony, but that is not what they mean. It rather is the day off coordinator. The person they can turn to, who helps you through the day, knows the script and is the hosts for your guests. In Holland in many occasions a friend is asked for this job. And it is a job, they have to work hard and won’t be able to enjoy themselves. Yes, this is where the dutch have to learn.. More and more couples decide to get a weddingplanner to do this job, and it makes a lot of sense.

* Back to you. With most guests flying in, guestmanagement is a whole different gamepark. You need to organize more for your guests, keep their comfort in mind during your planning. And you have to have a lot more communication with your guests. Where, when, how, what and why. Think of hotels and transfers. Even if you are not paying for it, they expect you to provide advise about it.

* The last weeks before any wedding, are busy. Imagine when in the last week your guests fly in, bit by bit. They want to spend time with you and you have to divide your time between them. And then there all all vendors and venues, who want to have last minute detail meetings, want to know what songs you want to hear, where they can park their car, and if the venue supplies a vegan crewdinner. And much, much more. Believe me..

Please, grand yourselves  a Dutch weddingplanner that takes the stress away! Who thinks about stuff you never thought of. Who knows what you want, and what venues and suppliers offer. Who will navigate you through your wedding choices. Who will take over the control in the organisation in the last weeks, so you can enjoy the presence of your guests.

Feel free to contact me. I would love to have a chat about your plans, and tell you exactly what I can do, to create the best experience for you and your guests!

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